ISO 9001 QMS Implementation

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What is ISO 9001 QMS?

ISO 9001:2015 is an international standard setting the requirements to implement an effective quality management system (QMS) for organisations of any sizes. Organisations implement and get ISO 9001 accredited to demonstrate the ability to consistently providing products and services that meet customer satisfaction requirements. This translates to more customer retention and revenue.

Organisations can choose to implement the standard and get certification. More than a million of enterprises and institutions around the world are ISO 9001 certified. You can start your journey today with us to become ISO 9001 compliant and certified.


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Plan - Do - Check - Act

Naveg follows an integrated, holistic & systematic approach to ISO 9001 implementation. Our approach covers various facet of business (People, Process, Technology). We keep in mind the context of the organisation, and ensure the QMS meets the business & quality objectives optimally.

We ensure the Quality Management System implementation is aligned and embedded in already exist business process, however, where necessary changes will be made.

Our implementation approach follows the Plan-Do-Check-Act approach.

Our solution is aligned to best practice.


How can we assist you become ISO 9001 certified?

Naveg assists organisations with ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) implementation, audits, and maintenance at affordable cost. Our consultants are experienced and certified in the implementation of QMS and integrated management system.


Benefits of ISO 9001 QMS

  • Improved quality of goods & services.
  • Provides an effective & efficient management process across the organisation.
  • Guarantee effective communication and deliveries on time across supply chain.
  • Improve employees’ engagement and commitment.
  • Reduce cost and defects.
  • Get more business opportunities such as tenders.
  • Competitive edge over competitors who are not ISO 9001 compliant.
  • Ensure Continuous improvement and assurance to stakeholders.
  • Ensure business, contractual, legal, & regulatory compliance.

Requirements of ISO 9001 QMS

  1. Customer focus;
  2. Leadership;
  3. Engagement of people;
  4. Process approach;
  5. Improvement;
  6. Evidence-based decision making;
  7. Relationship management.
Project Planning & Organization Context

Firstly, a detailed project plan, charter, and reporting processes will be developed, with defined roles & responsibilities,  In addition, we will develop a comprehensive understanding of your organization, business, and existing operations to lay the groundwork for the program development.

Risk Assessment

Firstly, a Risk management methodology is defined. We will gain a detailed understanding of your organisation and the impact of any loss of quality. We will thoroughly identify, analyse, and evaluate risk to produce & communicate risk report & response plan.

Design and Documentation

We will develop and establish an appropriate quality governance program that is mindful of the many layers of stakeholders involved in your organization’s quality. We will also develop the appropriate policies, procedures, forms, working documents, and internal reviews required to maintain your new compliance-ready quality posture.

Training & Implementation Support

We will bridge the gap between your new quality controls, and their day-to-day deployment, by training, educating, and offering hands-on implementation support to your biggest source of quality risks.

Internal Audit & Certification

Before submitting your organization for audit, our independent auditors will perform a comprehensive pre-certification audit to ensure you will not experience any surprises when you seek official certification.

We will take any necessary final actions to ensure you achieve and maintain your ISO 9001 compliance.

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