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Information Technology (IT) is becoming increasingly important to the business strategy, operations and internal audit of most organisations today. An increased dependency on technology to deliver meaningful benefits to an organisation can raise additional issues of confidentiality, integrity, availability and compliance.

At Naveg, we understand how vital it is to manage these business and regulatory concerns. Our IT Assurance & Auditing (ITAA) division can assist protect your organisation’s information systems, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and provide insights to leverage IT controls to reduce costs and gain competitive advantage.

Our ITAA division offers General controls, Application controls, Third Party & SLA, and IT project reviews; information security assessments & audits; digital forensics and Compliance attestation services.

IT Assurance & Audit

Get the assurance your business is operating as intended

Let our very skilled, independent assurance professionals examined your controls and provide the much needed insights to grow and protect your organisation.

InfoSec Assessments & Audits

Comprehensive analysis, actionable insights!

Regular testing of controls provides management with confidence that the organisation’s data & IT systems are secure from attack and provide reassurance to customers that their data is adequately protected.

We offer a range of Information Security Auditing services – vulnerability assessments & penetration testing, general controls reviews and more.

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Digital Forensics

Get accurate digital evidence needed in the court of law and internal investigations.

Recover data from intentional or unintentional events.

Our digital forensics experts assist in the collection and preservation of evidence that can be use in the court of law and for internal investigations.

We also assist in date recovery, Digital Forensics Incident Response (DFIR)

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We review your organisation’s third party relationships to ensure compliance to key third-party governance, risk, supply chain and vendor management practices and legislation. We provide benchmarks against the best in the industry.

We assist top management in pinpointing critical or high-risk third parties, and ensuring that they are monitored and evaluated more frequently. We highlight areas of concern with recommended improvements.


Let’s manage your projects!

We review internal or outsourced IT projects to ensure they followed a formalized process and aligned to business requirements.

Post Implementation Reviews– audit is designed to establish among others whether the intended objectives of implementing an IT solution are aligned to business objectives, to evaluate the adequacy of procedures and controls over input, processing and output and to identify potential risks and weakness in controls.


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