Vulnerability Assessments & Penetration Testing

Regular pen testing provides management with confidence that the organisation’s data & IT systems are secure from attack and provide reassurance to customers that their data is adequately protected.


Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) are essential to securing your organization’s information assets and meeting compliance requirements. Our multidisciplinary approach looks at security from every angle to mitigate risks — People, Processes & Technology.

The evolving tools, tactics and procedures used by cyber criminals to breach security means that it’s important to regularly test your organisation’s cyber security.

VAPT is a key requirement in determining whether security policies are effective, and is also essential for compliance to regulations such as POPI & GDPR for privacy, PCI DSS for online payments, and for certification to standards such as ISO/IEC 27001.

Our Approach

We ensure the results our testing is a true reflection of the threats and vulnerabilities in and around your information assets. We use both automated and manual tools to ensure the reports are accurate, rule out false positives, prioritize the confirmed vulnerabilities/threats and provide recommendations and steps for immediate remediation. Our consultant/pen testers job are peer reviewed and supervised independently.

Naveg follows an integrated & holistic approach to VAPT. Our assessment covers various facet of business (People, Process, Technology). Our assessments are aligned to PTES, NIST800-115, OSSTMM, OWASP, EC-Council methodologies

We offer the following assessments

check Network VAPT

check Web App VAPT

check Mobile App VAPT

check Internal & External VAPT

check Social Engineering


How Can We Assist You?

Comprehensive analysis, actionable insights!

Our assessments are carried out in environments any potential hacker would be faced with. Our highly skilled ethical hackers and qualified consultants (with top certifications such as OSCP, CEH, CISSP, CISM, CISA) will use a combination of manual methods, commercial and non-commercial tools to perform penetration testing and vulnerability assessments.

Upon the completion or agreed milestones of the vulnerability assessment, security audit and penetration testing project, the lead penetration tester will present a clear and comprehensive report to the client – in the form on encrypted electronic.

Our VAPT services go beyond technical vulnerability assessment and pen-testing, we translate technical weaknesses found to business risks and how you can respond to them.

The report will contain the following key sections: executive summary and technical breakdown of the vulnerability assessment & penetration testing process.

Executive Summary

  • High-level, non-technical discussion of the overall assessment and findings.
  • Confirmation of the scoped and methodology used.
  • An overview of the business impact of the discovered threats.


Technical Breakdown

  • Description of steps taken during the assessment & audit.
  • Detailed description and evidence of vulnerabilities identified and priority for remediation.
  • Evidence and proof of concept information for target exploitation
  • Remediation recommendations of vulnerabilities found and how to prevent reoccurrence.
  • Additional details, such as tools used during the assessment and people involved.